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Hello Alicia!

I've been thinking about you and feel that there is definitely a wonderful sensibility to the work. Keep working and hopefully one day we can find a way to work together. I have already shown the images to the curator at the museum but I don't think he has anything on his agenda related to art from the Caribbean and South America right now.

If I think of any other ways to help, I'll let you know.

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"Alicia de Lima's paintings exude what is.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Her deft brushstrokes, intuitive splashes of colour, and ethereal forms resonate with the open mind and open heart through which she observes this world.  In perhaps what may be perceived as an attempt to paint the "unpaintable," Alicia has delved deeply into the teachings of the philosopher J. Krishnamurti, and has bravely proceeded to blend artful inspiration with detached observation.  Not seeing herself as a witness who is separated from the subject being depicted, but rather one with the subject itself, sets a fresh perspective from which to look:  from inside-out and outside-in simultaneously.  All is painted... all is captured:  form, emotion, mood, thought and time.  The result, similar to Kandinsky's strivings to capture essence through colour and primeval shapes, is stunning."

David Rosenberg, artist UK
October 2, 2006

Alicia De Lima's art is a reflection of her life and the eastern philosophy that permeates it. She takes in her surroundings, its colors and textures, and weaves them gently into a warm, soft palate. Her belief in the oneness of humanity and nature are clearly reflected; the two combine in canvasses that never jar while clearly conveying her sensibilities.

Mary Do De Lima

10 October 2007

Se auguro la Exposicion en Catalunya España el 14 de Octubre 2007, donde las criticas eran muy buenas el comentrio sobre Alicia De Lima fue:  Alegrando con fuerza y calidez surcaba el agua.
Surcaba el agua el ensueño en la brava mar caribeña de Alicia De Lima, navegando hacia una hermosa abstracción

Beyla Medina
Presidenta AVA


Friday, Dec. 19, 2008


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