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AVA - Watercolour association annual exhibition -2014





AVA - Watercolour association annual exhibition -2013
Certificate and Poem:  dedicated to painting!
4th prize and poem by the Curator Orlando Campo.

Mural 'Graffiti/Scribble'
Size: 18 x 47 inches - Diptych
Watercolour and wax
Year: 2013

1 August 2012

July was the month for Poetry, my painting's poem was called ' Vamos al Mar '  Let's go to the Sea.  The Exhibition was, Paintings, Poetry and Music, my poem is a Tango reason for large sprays, it has to do with being lonely, left behind, tabancca, lost at sea etc.

27 June 2012

Tomorrow I will be in a collective exhibition called Poetry. This is the 'Poetry month', it will be at the Caracas Museum.

13 June 2012

Taking part in Postal Art 2012 in Portugal. The theme is Carnival. My entries are below:




1 June 2012

My painting was selected once again to exhibit:

111 International Prize Olympics in Barcelona,  Spain, watercolour and other techniques on paper , 18 were choosen. Exhibition begins 6th June 2012.

Cycling Race



I am participating in Mail Art in Hungary

View Video:





ShowArt Internacional Museo Roca

Buenos Aires - Argentina 

16 al 30 noviembre 2011 

I Received an Honourable Mention for this painting ( below) in Museo Roca, Buenos Aires- Argentina.

'Colours of Sound' is really dedicated for children who are either blind or have difficulty seeing.  The dark indigo colour signfies blindness the movements of bright colours are wave lengths that children pick up either through sound or senses, each musical note has a colour. 

Colores del Sonido



Monday 21 November 2011

I took part in the Annual November Exhibition of the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago, which opened Friday 18 November 2011. On Monday, I passed by the Gallery and was asked to lecture a visiting  High School Art Class. In the photo below you can see me and the class in front of my own submission.

This painting has a symbolic meaning, 'Memories'. What are memories??? They are always the past, the verbal, everything that is verbal is the past even though you may project to the future, it's from the past, experience etc. Llanguage is the past, while the visual is the present, the factual, touch, the tangible, fact etc. The seeing, except photos, movies man's inventions.



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