Alicia De Lima-Caribbean Artist-Biography


ALICIA DE LIMA - Biography


Born on the island of Trinidad, West Indies.  At present  lives in Venezuela.

Alicia has always had a deep interest in the visual arts and classical music.  For G.C.E. England,  art and music were her main subjects.  In UWI Trinidad,  she attended Extra Mural courses in ceramics and batik.   Her tendency is abstract and towards experimental and expressions of squish, squash, squeeze and squirt also touches of Mixed Media.  She goes beyond normal methods with watercolour, mainly painting without a brush, exploring into the mysteries and significance of colour waves.

Alicia has no formal Art Education except for private lessons, brief courses as stated below. She is 75% self taught with watercolour. She feels a freedom and a deep connection with water and pure colour that are not easily explained.

She has been invited to give workshops  of her original technique in New Mexico Art League, October 2010, see The Artist’s Magazine, march 2010. Her workshops are called: Squish, Squash, Squeeze and Squirt  and Beyond Myth and Tradition with watercolours.



Individual Exhibition:

2010                 Schacknow Museum of Fine Art.  Florida – USA

Dúo  Exhibition:

2009                 Horizons Art   Gallery  - Expressions in Blue – Trinidad W.I.

2008                 Fine Art – Colores de Agua – ‘Papillon’ – Trinidad W.I.

Group Exhibitions:

2011               Casa de la Cultura Guigue- Carabobo

                         Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago- Annual November Members Exhibition

                        Camara de Comercio La Guaira – Vargas Vzla

                        Museu Olimpic I de l’Esport-Barcelona España. Selec  17/80 Expo. hasta Sept.2011

                          Expo. Postal 2011 Ceuta, España  Expo.hasta Sept. 2011                                                                                                                                                                                                   

                          Museo de la Historia Casa de la Estrella. Valencia. Expo.hasta Ago. 2011

                          Expo. Francisco Mata, Isla de Margarita.   

                          Fund.Festival Cabriales,  homenaje Wladimir Zabaleta. Pque. Negra Hipolita.Val

                          Ateneo de Guacara. Mes del Artista plastico.

                          Avap Guarico.  Dia Nac.del Artista  Plastico

                          Colegio de Medicos del Edo. Miranda. Caracas

                          Casa del Artista, Ccs. Homenaje Armando Reveron .Semana  Afrovenezolanidad.

                          Casa Cultura Francisco Lazo Marti, Calabozo.  Mencion de Honor.

                           Arte Ecologico Society of Trinidad  & Tobago                                         

2010                   Ateneo de Guacara.  Salon  “Mauro Mejias”   Premio Especial  ‘IUTI’

2010                   Exposicion privada y selectiva en Qta. Araguaney, El Cafetal, Caracas, Vzla.

2009                Santa Marta. Colombua

2007                Arte & Encuentro – Venezuela

2007                Agrupacion d’Aquarel liste de Catalunya – Barcelona Spain

2007/Annually     A.V.A. Watercolour Association - Venezuela

2007/Annually     Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago

2006                Art Creators – Women who Paint – Trinidad

2006                Personal Invitation by Charles Saatchi for Web site Exhibitions.

Mail Art. Exhibitions: 

2010                  Ceuta- Spain.

2011                  Italian Soc-Maracay Vzla- Toluca Mexico, BalmainTrinidad, Nyiracsad Hungary.

Art Studies

1995 – 1998       Appreciation and History of Visual arts, including a private guided tour in N.Y. of      

                        Museums and Galleries.  Curator  Milagros Bello.                                             

2004   2009        Drawing with carbon, pencils, crayons and  pastels.  Luis Alvarez de Lugo

2005                 Drawing, Acrylic and Oils.  Odila Servat and Amilcar Arape.

2005   2008        Expressions in watercolour, drawing of live nudes, making cotton                    

                        paper, serigraphy and dynamics of mixed media. Renate Sunko.  

2007                 Seminars of Venezuelan and International artists Museo Bellas Artes.               

2007/9              Techniques in ink drawing and mixed media.  Leonel Sanchez.  

2007/9              Study of contemporary art drawings and visual awareness.  Antonio Lazo 

2009                 Theory and practise of Contemporary art, Asdrubal Colmenares

2008/9              The  Impressionists in Acrylic.  Enriqueta Ahrensburg and Richard Goldman.

2009                 Drawings and Understanding of Visual Arts.  Odile Ruiz

2010                 Dinamica del Color.  Patricia Van Dalen

Permanent Web Site Exhibitions:  –  -    -  others…


Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago,  ASTT.-  
Asoc.Internationale des Arts Plastiques.-
Asoc. Venezolana de Acuarela,  AVA.   Asoc. De Artes Plasticas  AVAP Venezuela    

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